26 February 2011

An Indian Feast

Samosa filling
Ok.....so Wednesday evening...Jan, Darlene, Meredith and I took and Indian cooking class at The Viking Store.  What fun and what great food and lessons.  We worked in a team together to make Curried Vegetable Pastries (Samosas), Cucumber Yogurt Dip (Raita), Split Pea Curry (Dhal), Chicken with Roasted Coriander in a Coconut Curry Sauce (Dakshini Murgh) all with Basmati Rice and then had a wonderful treat of Spiced Tea (Masala Chai).  We packed at lot into three short hours, but much fun was had and so much learning.  You can only imagine how wonderful the place smelled with three teams cooking this wonderful and aromatic food. 

Darlene grating cucs for the Raita

I have always been afraid to cook Indian because I thought it was too complicated or involved too much (lazy), but that is not the case at all....yes, it takes a little more prep, but it came together so quickly.  Let me add here that Jessica (friendly class assistant) had everything prepped and was constantly cleaning up behind us and bring us what we needed. 

Spices and garlic simmering for the Dhal

So, we cooked, we tasted.....was that a hot pepper, eeek.....mmmmm to all the spices and smells and I have to say sounds in the kitchen....roasting spices is amazing...they dance and sing to you...love it.  After all the cook and tasting we ate.  You thought we would clean up like at home?  Ha...no way....there was the lovely Jessica once again.

Chicken in Coconut Curry

I loved the Samosas and will do them again.  The Dhal was well balanced and delightful and the chicken, well  seriously, how can curry be bad.  And finally, the crowning touch on a great fun evening....Masala Chai....oh my....

Filling prep.....who cut those potatoes too big?

To our instructor Sandra....thank you and yum...hope to see you soon again in the kitchen.  To Jessica....I looked for you in the shop, but could not purchase you for my own home.  And to my fellow kitchen mates....what fun...let's do it again soon.

PS....thank you to Jan for the pictures and Darlene for the email.  Do you believe I forgot my camera?


Jan said...

Yum...the smell of the spices roasting...the taste of those samosas...thanks to Sandra and Jessica and my teammates for such yummy food and memories!

Ash said...

yumm you should cook that food for your professional recepie tester (aka me!!!)

Katherine Hall said...

Samosas, dhal and chai - comfort food. Yum. So cool you took that class! I've wanted us to do something like that for so long at the Viking store - after so many visits there oogling the shiny pots and pans!