15 February 2011

On Weaving and Valentines

Ok....so yesterday was Valentine's day...hope everyone felt loved and happy.  On that note, I was running errands yesterday afternoon, one stop being Walgreens and the other Publix....and while the men shopping there might have felt loved and happy by the end of the day, all they were feeling was anxiety at that moment.  I had gone to Walgreens to pick up a birthday card for my little man and the aisle was full of men last minute shopping (this was at 2pm).  Their poor faces were strained as they paced back and forth reaching for card after card.  The checkout line was draped with men carrying balloons, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, cards and my favorite...stuffed animals. 
So, I as I wait my turn I'm torn between feeling sorry for these poor guys and thinking they should have planned a little better.  My guess is that Valentine's day means more to women than men.  However, a male friend pointed out that Valentine's doesn't mean anything to men until they have someone to whom it does mean something to.  Touche and well put.

Last night, my Valentine and I went to see 'True Grit'.  I wasn't sure I wanted to see this movie, but when it was nominated for best picture, I was curious about the hype.  Well, it's all true.  Well made, very well acted and truly gritty.  I enjoyed it.  The performance by Hailee Steinfeld was a pleasure to watch.  Now I haven't seen all of the nominated films and don't know if I will before the Oscars, but 'The King's Speech' still has my vote.

I have been weaving on the Ashford again and trying new ideas and fibres.  This is a white (as you can see) rayon wrap with a lace stitch.  Love the look and feel.

I have also started weaving with Katia Linen, which is a cotton, linen blend.  I like the look so far, but it's a bit stiff.  We'll see after the washing if it makes me happier.  I do love the olive color and have blue and beige to work with yet.

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Katherine Hall said...

I loved seeing this from in-production on the loom to finished product and in lovely pictures. You're so talented - both the wrap and your artistic photos. Beautiful!