16 January 2011

Tennessee Fibre and Food Field Trip

Ok.....so Saturday....Jan, Darlene and I took a field trip to Chattanooga (technically Cleveland) to R&M Yarns to buy fibre on cones, in bulk, too much, what were we thinking.....seriously, what was I thinking....they had control.  My goal was to pick up fibre for weaving and I did and I'm very happy with my purchase....now I have to get to work to skein it and or wind it....  The reality is in the photo....it's sad but true....we purchased close to 80 pounds of fibre...

The next stop while 'on the road' was lunch, because you know driving and shopping does that to you....so we went downtown to a place suggested by Lynne Vogel ( a handspun artist) called Bluegrass Grill...however they had already closed.  We were still on Central time and they were not going that route.  So, it was suggested we try The Terminal Brewhouse.  We go expecting pub food and get a pleasant surprise.  Excellent home made items.  Darlene went with the black bean burger, while Jan and I split an appetizer of pizza rolls, black bean hummus, cheese dip and a feta/pine nut spread on bread......with soup and salad.  It was amazing....very unexpected, and a definite do over.  The space is groovy, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun, there is an outdoor patio on the second level and the beer was good (Darlene did sample).

Note:  this area of downtown had art on the sidewalks, very cool to check out while moving from the closed restaurant to the open one.

Next stop, Genuine Purl.  We decided to give this local yarn shop a check....always good to do, you never know what you will find.  The shop was small, but had a good variety of Rowan yarn and the basics.  There was nothing local or unusual.  We perused and then moved on.

The drive.....what can I say.  I'm so glad there was snow on the ground for this drive.  Originally we did not know for sure if we would make the drive this weekend because of weather....but the roads over the mountain were fine and the scenery gorgeous.  We had beautiful sunny skies on the way down, but cloudy on the way home. 

The moral of this story.....sometimes you just have to get the gals, a Starbucks, a loose plan and your knitting and get in the car for a field trip.....sometimes, it just has to be done.  Looking forward to many more this year.


Liana said...

OMG, what a fun day!! Lots and lots of fiber, you guys are going to play. :-) Sounds like you gals had a grand time.

Jan said...

Yes, it was great fun and worth a repeat trip after we use all this yarn...great photos, Christina!