20 December 2011


Ok.....so this morning, I was thinking about how grateful I am for my senses.  That I can see, smell, taste, hear and feel the world around me.  I'm so fortunate to have all of this working (reasonably well most days). 
To be able to read everything, book, sub-titled movie, Christmas card....watch the water hit the trees from a window, shadow, light, color, a smiling face....a gift.  To hear...music, the rush of the ocean, a laugh, the mew of the crazy cat next door, a child's giggle....a gift.  To smell....ok, now most of you know I'm highly sensitive to smells, but when they're good....coffee brewing (Starbucks...mmmm), fresh bread baking, the salty ocean air, a rose in full bloom....a gift. 
To touch....wool through my fingers, cool marble, a hug, holding a child's hand....a gift.  And my favorite.....to taste....ice cream, sushi, tea, popcorn....a gift.  It's something we so often take for granted.  Take the time to pay attention, take in the world around you through all of your senses.  I am so grateful.

I just realized as I was choosing photos for this post that I chose three water shots and wanted to choose more....hmmm.......imagine that....

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