10 December 2011


Ok....so as I sit here working, listening to Pandora.....I'm thinking I'm really grateful for music...all of it....ok maybe not country for me. Any form, blaring from car speakers at 75mph, in the house, in a store, or all alone, late at night through headphones.
When I listen I'm transported to past memories of people and places, allowed to create in my head, sing out loud (to the dismay of my co-workers sometimes) and to relax and breathe it in.

Art. Artisans. Artists. Things that people make.  I am in awe of what people can do with their hands, their eyes, their time.  What a gift to be able to share in someone else's creativity.  To have a bit in your home, wear a bit on your body, see it in a museum or gallery, hear it through speakers or in a park concert.....it's all around us.  What joy!!! 
I'm grateful I can appreciate art....all of it!

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