11 December 2011

Sunday Mornings

Ok.....so as I anticipate sitting with my tea (sometimes coffee), I am thankful for Sunday mornings....enjoying some quiet time with my book, a walk at Radnor Lake, a drive with the music turned up....anything that says I have stopped for a moment to enjoy THE moment and a little peace. 
As I ponder the week that has passed, I also thank goodness for the week that is beginning....new start, new adventures......ah, Sunday.....precious and wonderful.

And while I'm sort of on the subject....books....my biggest fear is that I'll never get to read all the books I want to read.  All of it. Stop for a second and think of the things you know because you have been reading.  Give someone a book for Xmas. It's time, adventure, and an education all in one nice package. And also, if possible, buy it locally. There are still bookstores! I love them and always will.  Go lose yourself in one of them.  Yet another great adventure for a Sunday.

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Worldygirl (Jan) said...

Great posts these last few weeks. The remind me to be grateful...