10 September 2010

Oh no, the Spinning has Begun

Ok....it happened....I gave in and have begun spinning.  I knew I would love this, so I have purposely not started it because I knew it would consume my time and I was right.  Wednesday evening I took a drop spindle class from Molly and I'm hooked, I'm in, I'm head over heals, I'm hopeless, I'm over the moon, and Bob's your uncle.

So I bought some Jan roving and I'm spinning.  Love it.  Doesn't look great yet, but I'm practicing a lot and enjoying every moment.

And...I have a beautiful new bag from Sue...a small project bag which I love...thank you Sue....now on to knitting with the Peace Fleece.  Of course in this picture it's loaded with  different weights of Zauberball, which for some odd reason has really caught my eye this fall.  On the left is a sneak peak at my fall scarf and on the right is a sneak peak at Kathy's.  Can't wait to see how they come out.

Next is Liana modeling my red wool gloves with their soon to be zauberball scarf.  I have been trying to match a yarn to these gloves for a long time.  I even made a red reversible scarf from bamboo yarn to match and it didn't...not really.  So, I love these gloves and they look beautiful folded...so elegant, but last night I realized that they look like a muppet neck...my beautiful red, Audrey Hepburn, classic gloves actually look like the beginning of a muppet.  The ring is to help bring it back home, bring them back to the elegance they were meant to exude.  Oh, who am I kidding....they look like one of Kermit's relatives.  Thank goodness I have two to keep each other company. 

So I will soon figure out which pattern to try with this yarn and get to the knitting of it.  Since it's taken me two years to find the yarn I like...I really wouldn't count on seeing the scarf any time soon....I'm worse with patterns.

Many thanks to Liana and her mother's ring for the modeling and class she brought to the production that has become my Hepburn gloves.

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LeAnn said...

Those gloves DO NOT look like a muppet neck. They are beautiful!