25 September 2010

Remembering Baba

Ok....so Baba (my Grandmother) has really been on my mind more than usual lately...perhaps because I'm spinning.  She is always in my thoughts for various reasons throughout the day, but especially when I knit.  I can hear her voice so clearly and I miss her so much.  I have been meaning to take pictures of her work and finally got around to the first set.  These handkerchiefs have been hand crocheted with a 00 needle and size 70 cotton thread.  The ones with beads or sequins have been made for a bride (tradition)....the all white one with beads was made for my wedding.  She was a truly talented woman....taught by her mother and never learning to read a pattern.  Everything was instinctual and came so naturally.  I cherish my moments knitting with her, laughing and drinking coffee while we picked apart a pattern...enjoying the flowers, talking about men and work and life....my heart and soul miss you, Baba.


Nanette R. said...

Your grandmother did beautiful work! And she taught you well, because you do as well. :-)

Liana said...

Absolutely gorgeous work. So delicate too. I know how you miss her too. (If I need to sneeze, can I borrow your hankie?) NOT!

Anonymous said...

those are stunning. i know you're grandma would be thrilled to know you are carrying on the tradition.