02 October 2010

Today It Happened...

Ok....so today, the name of this blog was christened and came to pass.  A group of knitters met at Arrington Vineyards and Mermaids and Olives and Wine happened....and knitting, always knitting.  I have wanted to set up this field trip since May, but with the horrendous HOT weather here in Nashville (I know you've heard me gripe about it) I decided fall would be a great time, you know....cool temps and harvest.  I'm just saying we were lucky.  Last weekend it was 90 degrees and I was worried...cancelling kind of worried.  I thought by scheduling for the end of Sept/beginning of Oct (Oh my God, is it Oct already....turkey is just around the corner) we would be safe, but it was a close shave.  The weather was perfect....seriously....perfect.  And the the wind blew and we were all transported to Oz and people stood in front of our fire.  And by the way...we do own the place...wherever we go we own the place, because we are women and when we gather we strengthen and own!!

So we gathered, we knitted, we ate, we laughed and.....we drank wine....lovely wine.

Liana decided to give dyeing a try with red wine, Michelle saved us a GREAT spot, Liz brought a groovy center piece and started the GREAT spot hunting, Jan ate sugar, Kendall dyed her hair and Vickie...well, Vickie started a fight...you know how she is and Carole...Carole joined us so we would remember what she looked like...thank goodness.  And to our new friends Mary Ann and JR...thank you for joining us and for being such good sports.  We hope to see you again soon.

So, knit more, eat more, laugh more and drink more....it's a lesson for every good mermaid.

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Katherine Hall said...

Now that looks like it was fun. I can't wait to hit Arrington Vineyards with you!