09 October 2010

A Short Ferry Ride Away

Ok....so here I am....back on Martha's Vineyard.  My stress melts away in the 45 minutes it takes to get from the mainland to this peaceful island.  Ok...coming up here on a beautiful Columbus Day weekend is not as peaceful, but it's pretty close.  I haven't traveled that much, but this must be as close to balance as there is on the planet....wait....there is a lot of shopping and tourists, but there are also miles of gorgeous beach.....wait......no, it's good.  One of my favorite things is right here.....the outdoor shower.  Standing under the stars in steaming water...I have no idea why, but it's one of my most peaceful moments.

I remember a visit with Kelly; picnic on Lucy Vincent Beach (why didn't we bring the flashlights so we would find our way back to the car), whale watching, trying to get a beer at the Black Dog (dry town) and perusing the Vineyard Museum on a blustery day.

Visit with Kathy; driving down a one lane dirt road to find Lake Tashmoo (and the very dark ride back....deliverance), Lobster and Crab rolls from Net Result (enjoying lunch by the lagoon), coffees, lots of shell hunting, great wine and fish and casual strolls into town.

Visits with Kathleen and George.....so many galleries, dinners and wine to recall.  And a sneak visit to the Orange Peel for cookies.

Although this trip is short, I'm looking forward to catching up on all the amazing things I like about this island....if I can get around the tourists....

Many pictures to come.

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