21 October 2010

Seriously, Why Vermont?

Ok....since I last wrote, I have traveled to Vermont and am ensconced in the northern ridges of the Green Mountains...snow, beautiful colors and gorgeous mountain drives and views.  I will not be able to post photos until later in the week, but assure you, I have taken many.  Over the weekend, we visited Burlington for a lovely walk along the waterfront and lunch at the Bridge Street Cafe in Richmond, VT.  Lake Champlain has such a rich history and although many trails here lead to 'Closed for the Season'....there is still so much to check out.

Tuesday we drove through Lake Champlain (I know, James Bond has nothing on me)...actually, the islands are connected and we drove up VT2 almost to Canada.  Yes, our northern brothers are all over Vermont and very close indeed.  The drive was very pretty and lunch at the Hero Cafe was yummy.  The route home consisted of hunting down covered bridges (pics of course to follow)....and yielded five bridges, of which, only one was not a do over because of the noise it made when the car traveled across.

Yesterday was the city life.  Essex Junction for lunch at AJ's Kitchen and a stop into Kaleidoscope Yarns.  Ok....this shop was seriously well stocked....so many different types and brands of yarn.  A great resource for the area....and the staff was amazing.  Then back onto VT2 into Burlington for another walk along the waterfront....I can't get enough of the area.  We had a perfect day for enjoying the water and the walking.  We did walk through the Church Street Market, which was nice, but did not have the type of shops I was looking for....really unique to the area.  But many restaurants and a groovy setting.  Then, back to the waterfront for poutine and spinach/artichoke dip at The Skinny Pancake.  Love this place, love the staff.....love the location.  Once we were full of junk, it was back to the waterfront for the sunset...boy did we luck out.  Stunning!!

So, a couple of quirky things about this trip:
1.  We have a wood fireplace in the condo, which is wonderful (great looking, great smelling, great sounding)....and most of you know my obsession with a fireplace and this ritual.  However, I seem to remember it being much easier to start a fire.  Or maybe the menfolk doing it made it easier.  Yeah, that was it....

2.  We have seen deer crossing, moose crossing, chicken crossing, tractor crossing, snowmobile crossing and every other kind of crossing signs....however, we have not seen deer, moose, chickens, tractors, snowmobiles or anything else crossing...perplexing.  We have seen many feral cats on the property, but apparently the animals are closed for the season too.

3.  Syrup...it's everywhere.  I knew that would be the case, but just like in Nevada there are slot machines in the 7Eleven, here there is syrup.  I know for the tourists that is great, but I wonder what the locals think?  I wonder if the locals even like syrup?  We are now on the hunt for sugar free syrup....I think that's sacrilege here, but we're really not saying it too loudly.

4.  The Smuggler's Notch Pass....it's a crap shoot this time of year.  You have to check every day to see if it's open or closed.  I have yet to drive on the pass, but hope to....we shall see.  The Gods of the mountain (read, Vermont Highway Patrol) decide if I will see this part of the area.  If not, we just keep driving around.  Needless to say, around is a lot longer.

5.  The elusive and now legendary Highgate Falls....we combed every part of Highgate; every road, every bridge, every everything and no falls.  The Highgate Falls may be on the map, but the will forever remain a mystery for us.

6.  Ethan Allen.  Ethan Allen was everywhere up here.  Just saying.

7.  Salons....salons, everywhere.  I think per ca pita, there are more salons in each town that eateries.

Fun fact...we have been wondering why covered bridges are covered and why they're wood.  Google to the rescue.  The bridges are covered to protect them from decay.  The bridges are wooden because it was most plentiful.  There you have it.

If you do not hear from us again it's because two gorgeous, young, talented and hot gals went into the forests of Vermont and.....   So many of the roads we have ventured to have been those types of roads and even towns.....we laugh, hahahahah, but we don't know if we will return to the highway....

So, that is a quick, non-photo infused catch up of the Vermont trip so far.  Today it is raining and snow is predicted tonight....I'm looking forward to it.


ash said...

ashlyn doesnt know how to read too well. pictures are always appreciated

Katherine Hall said...

I'm guessing Alnwick/Haldimand County here on Ontario must be sistered with that area of Vermont for the salons-per-capita thing. How many salons does one town need? I mean, how many baba's really need their hair coiffed each week? Will I become a salon-going baba when I'm old, too? God help me. I better start investing in hairspray supplies now.