10 October 2010

Sunday on the Vineyard

Ok....here we go.  I have been shooting pics all over the island and am going to post away.  A very groovy thing happened today.....as usual, wherever I travel, knitters are there to soften the landing, share and just give you a fibre hug.  Today I visited the Martha's Vineyard monthly knit group...Fiber Folks.  Didn't have time to knit, but met so many wonderful women who were actually knitting for Hospice, which as you all know, is very close to my heart.  Here they knit all year for a sale that occurs during the Christmas Festival to benefit Hospice.  I'm hoping to partner with this group to bring even more money and knitted gifts to Hospice patients.  I'm so excited to be hooked up with this group of artists....spinning, knitting, chatting and just plain old being like knitters are everywhere.....friendly and welcoming.  If I can get back for any of their meetings, it will be there will bells on....learning, talking, and just being with the coolest people on the planet...fibre artists. So, many times my thoughts have traveled to my knitting sista's in Nashville and how they would have loved to sit and share with these woman and enjoy the artists of this day.

The next stop was the West Tisbury Artisans Market.....and, yes, I bought hand spun yarn....  I had so much fun speaking with Carol Tripp regarding spinning.  She had beautiful woven work (Kathleen bought a wrap that was a piece of art). She was surprised and happy that I like working the drop spindle.  I also spoke with Susan Handy, who makes gorgeous handbags that I think would be perfect for knitting bags.  Every details was meticulously crafted and each, once again....a piece of art.

Onward, to the fish monger for fresh caught Swordfish and Haddock....to Morning Glory Farm for fresh corn and potatoes (and blueberry muffins for walking)....and even a quick stop at South Beach (way too windy and chilly for a walk, but a good place for a coffee break).

Next...oh my...Chilmark Pottery....   Have I mentioned before that I am also a pottery junkie?  It's a horrible sickness, like fibres and books.  And in case you're wondering, I did buy pottery...not too much, but their beautiful pieces.  If you're ever over, ask for a coffee in one of the great new mugs or maybe some Red Curry Butternut Squash soup in the new soup mug.  I know.....don't say it....it had to be done.

The day ends with a French Martini at Atlantic in Edgartown and dinner at the homestead.  Great Sunday.  So the only question is why are my visits here so few and far between.

PS.....I have finished reading Mistress of the Art of Death.....shame on you Jan...I'm hooked....  I can't wait to start the next book of the series.


Anonymous said...

HeeHeeHee- you're hooked on Ariana Franklin!I loved 'em all and can't wait for something else that grabs me like the Mistress of Death series.

Sound (and looks) like you're enjoying NE!

Katherine Hall said...

Oh, this all sounds so fantastic. Great pics and descriptions to make me feel all nostalgic...