08 October 2010

Ah Limani

Ok....Roslyn, NY...and Greek food.  What could be better?  Well, a visit at Roslyn's local yarn shop Knit.  I've been to this shop before, but this was a more leisurely stroll.  They have a lot of the usual yarns, but here and there a few I had not seen before.  There were a couple women knitting....seemed like one was helping the other, perhaps a one on one class, but it was humorous..."What were you thinking when you did that?", "I don't know, you tell me.", "Let's just take it out.".

Then off to Limani for dinner.  Appetizers and wine.  Great Greek Moschofilero from the Boutari vineyards....white, crisp, green apple and buttery....mmmmmm.    Figured the fish bar was worth the photo (notice my shadow taking the shot).  The restaurant was beautiful and sitting in the bar people watching was great.  A woman channeling Charo was sitting at the bar.  I don't know why I kept watching her, but there you have it, I was mesmerized by the ton of blond hair, lips and outfit (snug) and the way she moved all if it, all the time.  The fish display was beautiful and the waiter finally relaxed to have a little fun with us.  Definitely a do over.

As I look over this post, I find it odd and refreshing at the same time that the only post I have done from the road has been about food and wine.  Gotta love it!

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