23 October 2010

To Pass or Not to Pass

Ok..it happened, we got lucky Thursday and the pass was open.  It was GORGEOUS!!!!  We drove through Mount Mansfield to Stowe, VT.  So glad I got to see it.  I hope the pictures turn out to post for you.....it was sleeting, so never know.  The rocks....should I call them rocks.....were huge.  The boulders.....that's more like it.....looks as if the titans dropped them from above.  No luck on it being open Friday as there was snow on the ground this morning, which means....more snow on the mountain.  I hope it's open again today, but the odds and/or Gods are against us considering the weather we saw yesterday.

Thursday we lunched at the Thompson Flour Shop in Stowe....curry chicken salad, YUM!  Highly recommend this lunch and the cool people who run the bakery.  Then down HWY 100 to visit our friends at Ben and Jerry's.  Ice cream...how could we lose.  And we didn't.  Fun tour and great sample.

Yesterday was lunch at 158 Main in Jeffersonville, VT.  Ok...seriously....seafood chowder...the best I've ever had.  If you happen to be driving through Vermont...northern Vermont (did I mention Canada is about 25 miles north)....stop here and have a vat of this chowder.  It's smooth, full of shrimp, clams and salmon in a lobster broth....to die for.  I did the UPS Store to ship home a few of my shopping items and the last fire of the trip.

So, today is the trip home.  In order to get way up here, you have to travel a lot from TN...which is great when you're beginning your adventure.  However, right now, I would like Scotty to beam me back to my house....fat chance.  But was it worth all the travel, all the time living out of my suitcase, the five different beds, the long car rides....you bet.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 

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