30 October 2010

Ah....Chihuly Nights

Ok....so Wednesday evening, I wondered through the gardens of Cheekwood (with hundreds of others), in awe of the beauty that is Chihuly.  As you know I have seen this exhibit before, but seeing it at night brings a whole new meaning to art, light, dark and spectacle.  It is stunning to say the least. 
As of now, the exhibit has been extended through Nov 7th and open for night viewing Wed, Thurs and Fri.  So worth every penny.  Here is a preview.

I have not posted pictures of the bamboo path in the Japanese garden because I couldn't begin to do it justice...the light was very low and although I did get photos, they don't truly express what I was seeing and not seeing.  Also, on many of the sculptures, light was reflected in unusual ways...a camera focusing or a flash was setting off what looked like sparklers inside the sculpture or at the tips.  I tried to capture some if this where it was darkest.

You're probably wondering about knitting...seriously, you know I'm knitting.  Will post on that next since I have all the photos out of the way. 


dtrimbath said...

Sooooo coooool! Must have been awsome in person. Thanks for sharing!

Ash said...

you wanna go with me this week on thursday or friday?