11 October 2010

The Houses of Martha's Vineyard

Ok....to say I have thousands of pictures of the Vineyard would be and understatement, but here are a few of your enjoyment.....  Love the style, love the feel...  These homes are in Edgartown and Katma.  Edgar town is where most of the Whaling Captains lived, so most of the houses on Water Street have the name of the Captain who lived there and the year the house was built...  The island was established in the mid 1600's and many of these buildings are still there....most are from the 1700's and 1800's although the oldest house on the island is part of the museum.  Such a rich history.  It still astounds me how many ships have wrecked and are lying in the Vineyard Sound, Nantucket Sound,  and the Atlantic between the island and the Cape.  If you ever get the opportunity, visit....talk with the people...enjoy the history....breathe in the salt air and feel the peace.

And to all my family, peeps and various other Canadians....Happy Thanksgiving.  

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