06 November 2010


Ok....I know I have posted pictures that are fall-like, however I have a few stashed that I thought you might enjoy from my October travels.  I love fall....have I mentioned that before?  I love how the air feels crisp even though it might not be that cold.  I love how everything starts to smell like apples.  How the planet prepares to rest by changing colors, slowing down, breathing......doesn't it just seem like everything takes a big breath, a big sigh from the work it's been doing all spring and summer?  School is back in session, dusk is more vibrant, sunrise sneaks up on you, coffee sounds and smells better than ever and soup....oh yes, soup is back.  Any and every kind of wonderful soup.  And sweaters.....I can start wearing all my sweaters again.  This is a very confusing time in my home because I discover my sweaters and scarves all over again and I want to wear them all.  But this confusion is pure joy.

I can't wait to read, but it's different from summer reading.....it's curling up with a throw and cocoa instead of seeking the sun and water.  And I know you won't believe it, but I love the snow.  I love how beautiful it is, how softly it moves, how the world looks so peaceful dressed in white and how inside, a fire and that same throw are so inviting.  And while I knit year round, there is nothing like knitting alpaca or wool in the winter.

So, that all being said....I hate that we got a freeze last night and some of my plants will look like crap.  Just yesterday there were roses everywhere back there....but they're pretty hearty little dudes.  I really, really don't like cleaning off my car (hence the garage).  And the biggest winter deal breaker....the time change.  Dark at 4:30?  Are you kidding me?  How can that be a good thing?  Why do I need to full daylight at 5:30 or 6am....when after work would be much more preferable?  So we made a little change (one week in the fall, big deal).....let's finish it.  Let's change the time in March and leave it alone. 

On that note, I'll leave you with fall in New England.  Enjoy the last of the evening daylight.

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Katherine Hall said...

I want cards of all of these wonderful images! Oh, how I wish I were there...