25 November 2010

Hospice and Thanksgiving

Ok....so for the last few nights I have slept with the windows open.  Of course, by Thanksgiving this weather will be gone and my Mum will not believe me when I tell her that it's been spring here for a bit.  I always tell people how Thanksgiving and even December can be unusually nice, but I guess I needed to be reminded that it's true.  What a beautiful month this has been.  And to add, we actually got a little color from the trees.  When I returned from New England, there were still many green trees and the rest had gone to brown.  I thought fall was going to be ugly, but.....not at all, just late.  The Bradford Pears and Maples have really given us a late November showing.  Is it just me, or has this entire year been warmer than average? 

Did anyone notice the huge harvest moon Monday night? Amazing!!

Ok...back to knitting. I have been on a month long jag of knitting, weaving and card making for hospice. This crazy period has resulted in the following photos.  I have also added to the collection a few of the scarves I have finished this year. I love doing this type of knitting and hospice is so vital to our communities. I hope to put away items for next year so that I will not be doing everything in compressed time next year. What a great way to spend this time of Thanksgiving.

PS....Mum didn't last 5 minutes before dozing off on the sofa....early flights stink.


Liana said...

The woven scarves are gorgeous!

Ash said...

the little baby jackets are so cute =D

Katherine Hall said...

Oh, those baby sweaters are just beautiful!