05 November 2010

Driving the TN Countryside and/or Old Barns

Ok....so on Halloween I took a drive out west of Nashville to Dickson and surrounding area.  It was a beautiful day and Liana had invited me out to see the country.  Now, while I don't consider myself a big city girl, I have to say....I am a city girl.  I like sushi and movies and to make sure all my happy places are easily accessible.  However, there is nothing like driving away from it all to enjoy the quiet, peace, cows, streams and dark.  Oh yes, dark...big dark.  Let me insert a note here that I saw more wild animals (deer) on this drive than in Vermont.  Actually, come to think of it, I see more in my yard in Nashville than I did in Vermont. 

So, Liana was kind enough to take me for a drive.  I choose to believe that she instinctively knew this was one of my favorite things to do.  I love to take a drive, I love to ride and look and of course....I love to take pictures.  I've put a few here for your enjoyment.  It was 75 degrees, sunny and beautiful.  Not a car on the road or rather, on the path and we even had a treat at the end.  I must say, one of my favorite parts were all the streams and rivers.  We all gravitate toward water, don't we?  Historically, we gravitate to water.  I love that about being human.

And finally, barns.....why am I so attracted to dilopatated barns?  There were so many.  It must be the history.  Imagining the work and life that was lived in and out of these buildings.  How so much of life out in the coutry revolved/revolves around these simple and beautiful buildings.  And becuase they're old, the stories they must harbor.  Ah, the stories.....

Thank you to Liana for the drive, the laughs and the peace. 


Ash said...

hi, i was just thinkin about how much i looooove christina & she means so much to me so just thought id stop by to say:
1) i love you verrrry much
2) your pictures are pretty
3) youre super talented in infinity ways
4) cant wait for our date sunday =]

peace out girlscout!

Liana said...

The drive was great, I truly enjoyed it and your company. Being a chauffeur was fun, even when we got chased down. :-) It was fun to laugh and moo at the cows, speaking of cows, where's the picture of that old one?

Katherine Hall said...

Beautiful pics from a beautiful lady! I miss our drives, C. Felt very familiar as I looked through the images. Sigh.