08 September 2016

A Train to the Coast

Ok....so a little train trip was had to the towns outside of Amsterdam....always fun to ride the train.  Visited Haarlem, Leiden and Zandervort.

Loved Haarlem....the vibe, the streets and the cathedral.  The town was like a small version of Amsterdam without as many people.

Leiden is a college town so the main drag was quite bustling but just off the beaten path....a treasure.....the church and square where the pilgrims lived before their sail to America.  The streets were tiny and it was not hard to imagine the period dress as they went about their days.

Zandervoort was typical beach town.  As we stood on the boardwalk eyeing the water we met a man out for a dog walk from....yes, Kentucky.  He had been in the Netherlands for 25 years but still had the Kentucky accent.  Needless to say, our accents stood out there.  We did get to see the national sand sculptures.

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