09 June 2011

Random Thoughts from the Road

1.  How many times yesterday, did I find myself thinking, "I'm thankful for the air-conditioning my car provides.  I'm thankful I"m in the car and the heat is out there."

2.  KY - seriously, does all of I-65 in your state have to be under construction both directions.

3.  Does every metropolis, city, town, village, hamlet, street corner in the US have a Chinese buffet called, China One?

4.  I"m thinking about the air-conditioning again.

Stay cool everyone!


Liana said...

Too funny and yes I am thankful as well for my A/C. I hope you made it safely to your destination and I hope you have a wonderful time with fam! Come home safely too and maybe KY will be done with their construction. NOT!

Carole said...

Come home! We miss you. xoxo