05 June 2011

Washing Day

Ok....so you get up in the morning...looks like it's going to be another hot, HOT day and you figure, why not wash and set all the fibre you've been spinning.  Excellent idea for a Sunday afternoon.  So, you proceed to do just that, get it all drying in the sun and leave the house.  Well, made sense at the time.  Then....yup, rogue thunderstorm.  While driving home I was thinking how wonderful this was for my all my suffering plants, then it hit me....the fibre....eek.  Well, I've now wrung it again and am hoping this time I can get it dry.  Little adventure on a quiet weekend.

1 comment:

Liana said...

Argh!! What bad luck! but the rain cooled it off nicely so I'm not complaining. Just think about it this way, the yarn got 2 baths, right?