01 June 2011

The Holiday, the Fibre and Greg

Ok....so as most of you know Jan and I were set up at the Middle TN Fibre Festival.  I believe a good time was had by all....I know I did.  I got to see a lot of people I already knew and meet that many more.  So much fun amongst the fibre.
Jan assisting with color choices.
On the heels of that event, my brother came into town for a visit.  We've had a great time talking, checking out some groovy food places, roaming Home Depot and yes, a couple of movies.  Nothing like above 90 degree days to welcome a Michigander to the south.

Michelle and Vicky doing a little browsing.

First, let me say that he came into town for the holiday weekend and this was all the cooking that I did.  Poor guy didn't even get a home cooked meal.  Even on Monday it was about picking up ready made stuff from Publix.  It was great!  We had Sushi O Sushi (yum), Monell's (yum) and we even gave Jim's Coney Island a try.  Now most of you know I hail from Flint (the right armpit of the US), however, Flint has the best coneys hands down.  So when I heard the ugly rumor that Jim was serving real Michigan coneys I had to check it out.  Of course I brought the expert....Greg.  (Dad used to own a coney island restaurant when we were kids).  Jim is not serving Flint coneys which was a little disappointing, but I probably don't need Flint coneys this close to me.........however, he is serving an excellent Detroit coney.  A bit different, but his is a great version.  He has Koegel hotdogs, which sort of seal the deal....and you can get Vernors from Jim...a Michigan staple for soda drinkers.  Who knows what food will come our way today, but I'm thinking Martin's BBQ in Nolensville.  Cross your fingers they are not out of ribs.  Also, I did not take him to knitting group or any yarn shops....I just didn't feel this would be fair to the poor guy. 

We saw two films....'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Limitless'.  Pirates was exactly what you would expect and fun.  Limitless was not what I expected and even better.  Highly recommend checking out this film.  Well shot and good story.

Blackberry Hill Farm
So, now I close with this....I bought more fibre at the festival than I should have, I was out of control, and I loved every minute of it.  Dare I day I was Jan's best customer?  So much spinning to do and not nearly enough time.  Love it!!

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Karen said...

Koegel's in Nashville? Get out!