27 June 2011

Back to The Heat

Ok....so here is the latest in spinning and knitting.  I have several projects on needles as all good little knitters should. 

I so enjoyed visiting many yarn and spinning shops while in MI...did I mention the nice weather....and have several more on my list during my next visit.

First, I finished spinning some yarn while enjoying the MI weather.

Second, I finished the scarf made with my own handspun beaded yarn.  I'm happy with the result.

I have a shawl on the needles to knit Haruni, which I am doing in conjunction with Reyna.  I am also knitting this with my own handspun and enjoying every minute.  How wonderful to do this.  Hopefully will finish this week...row 16 of Chart B....yipppeee.  Must be done while in complete concentration and no talking.

I have just finished spinning sock yarn....all I have to say it, we'll actually see how that goes....not counting any chickens yet.

And finally, for those of your who actually read the last post, the birdlettes were saved, the parents didn't abandon them and they have jumped ship right on schedule.  The parents look haggard.

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