12 December 2010


Ok....so, the sounds of Christmas....that's what I've been thinking about today....Carol of the Bells, church bells, sleigh bells (ok, not in Tennessee) and laughter. One of the best sounds, really, one of the best sounds in the world is children laughing.  They laugh and giggle with abandon...completely open, completely enthralled by what they're seeing or hearing.....completely unfiltered.  It's a joyous sound.  So here's to the children laughing.....may we as adults give them even more reasons to laugh, giggle, sigh....may we live up to their expectations for a hug or a tickle....may we help them build memories that will softly and joyfully take them into adulthood.  Here's to the little ones.

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Deborah Stillwell said...

Were you able to send the pictures you took yesterday?