16 December 2010


Ok.....so what is a Christmas tree without ornaments....well, for starters, it's not a Christmas tree....it's a cut plant in your living room.  I have some ornaments that I have bought as a group (read: department store), but most of my ornaments have been collected one by one or two by two throughout the years.  When I'm on vacation or just with someone special, I look for an ornament to add...usually just one a year.  The memories hanging on my tree are amazing.  Decorating is a trip down memory lane and full of smiles.  This year, Mum and I were at Gas Lamp(antique mall) in Nashville and Mum came across two ornaments that are not only a great memory for 2010, but perfect for me....shoes.  Little shoes...little Christmas pumps...  So, here are a few ornaments...enjoy!!

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