10 December 2010

Vineyard Christmas

Ok....although I have not spent Christmas day on the Vineyard, I have been there during the holidays and witnessed the beauty of and island with snow and decorations everywhere.  I try to get there during the Christmas in Edgartown celebration, which is happening this weekend.  It's just the way Christmas should look.  My friend Kathleen's birthday falls around this celebration and it is an added reason to enjoy the island.  I remember making wreaths at Donaroma's Nursery a few years ago.  The greenhouse was full of people building their wreaths, laughing, joking and generally making merry.  My wreath came back to Nashville with me and proudly hung on my front door that year.  Filled with shells and holly, it was a constant reminder of the sea and a wonderful weekend with friends. 

Here are some Vineyard shots....enjoy!!

PS....for those of  you wondering....that is Daniel, Heather's little man....of course, the Santa hat made the photo a must for the blog.

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