30 December 2010

Beach Snow

Ok....so as I look out at the snow that covers this little piece of the planet (or back yard....wait...aren't parts of the planet that usually don't get snow covered in snow?)....anyway....I think about all of the places I have enjoyed the beautiful scenes and moments snow creates.  This could not be more profound for me than snow on the beach.  These two things...sand and snow...at first glance do not seem meant to be together, yet when they are, it's stunning.  So today I am thinking about the beautiful snow covered beaches of Martha's Vineyard. 

PS.....I am weaving...loving the weaving right now.  Oh, and spinning.


Ash said...

come backkkkkkkkkk movie timeeeeeeeee. i go back sometime between the 9th-12th pleeeeeez hang out with meeeeeee =[

Anonymous said...

Jan said:

Beautiful snowy beaches -- are you there now! Not much snow in Tennessee!
Happy New Year! See you in 2011!