04 December 2010

Christmas in New York

Ok....so today, I decided that I would show you some favorites, but in order to do that, I had to stroll down memory lane.  While working in New York, I was surprised come Christmas time (well, November) how many decorations were around.  Amazing!  Every store and corner decorated with lights and trees and ornaments....so beautiful.  Usually I made the pilgrimage to Rockefeller Center to see the tree and skaters, but this is such a small part of what is there.  The Saks building lit with snowflakes that dance to Carol of the Bells, the huge angels lining the promenade, the giant toy solders guarding all passersby.  It's truly something no one should miss.  However, I must warn that everyone for five boroughs and then some comes for the flip of the switch when the tree is lit.

One year, Noel and I decided that we wanted to go to Carnegie Deli for pastrami and cheesecake....seriously, who wouldn't.  The best, ever.  So off we went.  Just a few blocks west of the hotel on Broadway...no problem.  As we cross Rock Center, we realize that the lighting will soon occur...oh, how nice.  How beautiful and won't that be a great thing to see on the way back.  Somehow, we timed it so that our walk back (only a few blocks east now) was at the same time everyone was leaving the event.  I have never been in a crowd so thick in my life.  And to top it off, the streets were block going east to let the people out.  I guess west was the way out.  So, I grabbed a hold of Noel's jacket (lest we should get separated) and downtown we went....6 blocks, 7 blocks, who knows...a long way, then across and back up.  We finally did get back to the hotel, with our dinners worked off, and smiles on our faces.  Nothing says Christmas in New York like a walk through the streets, lit up and crowed. 

So here you go, Christmas in New York.  Enjoy!

PS.....the girls and I decorated the tree today...what fun!!!


Liana said...

Your description made me feel as if I was there with you! I haven't been there at Christmastime but I bet it is glorious.

Nanette R. said...

Thanks for that photo tour of Christmas in NYC, even though it made me kind of homesick. :-)

LeAnn said...

I've never been to NYC, but have always wanted to go there. Now I know that I want to visit at Christmastime!