31 December 2010

A Fresh Start

Ok........often I take a walk around Rador Lake to relax, to exercise, to find quiet....but the most peaceful and serene times have been in the snow....when the earth lies dormant and the animals wonder through in search of food.  When the leaves are down, the lake seems that much wider and the woods seem that much deeper.  Sometimes my footprints are the first on the path, when I can find the path.....always I am greeted with the timelessness of being there.  The feeling like everything has stopped for a moment...like time does not exist.

Here's to a fresh start.  Today I am thinking of that quiet and peace, hoping for a happy and healthy new year for all.  I'm so thankful for the new friends who have wondered into my life this year...thankful for the old ones who decided to stick around and looking forward to the adventures 2011 will bring.  OMG...2011....seriously...already.


LeAnn said...

Wishing you a joyful and peaceful new year!

Liana said...

Glad you have entered my life as well. I wish you all the best in the new year and we'll enjoy many hours knitting together.

Katherine Hall said...

Beautiful pics and sentiments for a beautiful new 2011 start. Happy New Year, sis. Love you so much.