21 December 2010


Ok.....so today is the winter solstice.....love it.  Here where everything is covered in snow, the world seems quiet....like it's waiting...soon to awaken again.  Tomorrow the days will slowly (oh, so slowly), begin to grow longer again as we work our way to a new beginning.  What a wonderful way to look at this time of year.  I decided to do a little reading about the solstice and what it meant throughout generations, in different countries, today....and two things stuck out for me.  Of course we all know there has always been much superstition and ritual involved with a solar/lunar type event, but other than Stonehenge, many of the monoliths I read about that were built in celebration (or so we think) of these events were in Scotland and Ireland....just thinking.   Also, I found that many fortune telling events occurred at this time.....not surprising.  My favorite....in Scandinavia, some families place all their shoes together, as this will cause them to live in harmony throughout the year.  This would be an issue for me....well, maybe not a issue, but certainly a dilemma.....which shoes to choose.  Should I put shoes I wear frequently so the luck stays with the shoes?  Should I put shoes I rarely wear in the event I will be able to wear them more often?  Should I put red shoes...enough said?  Wait, this isn't about the shoes, it's about harmony in the family....see, off track....should all my family and friends send me a pair of their shoes to do this....?  This is the way I see it, if all our shoes are in the same house, then all is well as far as I'm concerned because we're together.  (I will be including the red Pedro pumps)

To all of you, happy winter solstice.  Bask in the peace, quiet and beauty that is this special day and special time of year.

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