13 December 2010

Spinning Through the Holidays

Ok.....I find myself with very little on the needles and spinning away instead.  Here is what this holiday season has brought so far.  I'm working on the blues in silk/merino and it's giving me some grief, but I forge on.  I'm also working on a burgundy BFL (Jan roving) that I hope will bring me a little zen through the holidays.  I have finished the BFL in burgundy/green/brown and finally....yes, for the first time plied it.  I think it turned out pretty good and my fear of being able to spin clockwise to ply was unfounded.  I did it!!!
Saturday was Kathleen's birthday and I had originally intended to post this then.....so belated happy birthday.  I hope that you are at peace, enjoying the river, snow and Christmas.  I hope this year brings you a wealth of happiness.  

PS.....loving the snow in Nashville.  The cold however, not so much.

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Ash said...

happy holidays to the only person I know that knows how to make yarn! hope i can see you before you leave...