27 December 2010

Holiday Coneys

Ok....although this really isn't a holiday tradition, it's a Flint thing...every time I come back here.  Now, just so we're clear...Flint is in horrible shape physically...it's falling apart, the roads are awful, it looks just as depressed as it is.  However, there is something there which defies explanation...an energy, a will to live, a determination to overcome....it's the people...well...most of the people and definitely the people I know.  They have spirit....they refuse to be what the city looks like.  I love these people.  No matter where I live or visit....I guess your people are always where you came from and I came from Flint.  Doesn't hurt that the Michigan Wolverines are my people....the lakes surround my people or that my people...and only my people know how to make the best coneys in the world. 

Now, the best of the best is Star Brothers Coney Island in the old Dort Mall.  No one wants to be on Dort Highway at night and there isn't much left in the mall except this little dinner that is killing it with the food.  The food is fresh, yummy and the service rocks.  The gals taking your order smile and bend backward to help you out.  The cook (also owner) is smiling and piling it on behind the counter.  You feel like family there and it's always a must on my visits.  I know those of you from Flint, know exactly what I'm talking about....and many of my Canadian people know this gift as well.

Note....there is nothing good for you in a coney, you will not lose weight, do not try to justify why you're eating it, just enjoy and finally, a coney comes with everything on it...if you order it plain, you get a hot dog.  So go with it...order it and eat it with the wild abandon of a child...worry about the calories later.

Second Note....most of you have not had a coney and may never, and I think that is sad for you....however, if you're in Michigan and driving by Flint, stop in for lunch.  The coneys in other parts of the state aren't the same...it's a one shot deal. 

Of course....the rest of my people are in Canada...Michigan/Canada....the only real difference is the GST...  And for the Canadians making the journey...there is a coney in your future....mmmmmmmm.

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Katherine Hall said...

Mmmmmmmm...coney art!