24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Ok....so this morning the Peeps insisted on my posting them to the blog so they could wish you a Happy Easter.  You know how adamant and resolute they can be. 

Honestly, it's probably because Jan blew one of their buddies up in the microwave last night.  You see....small group knitting and eating at my house turned into a blue peep sacrifice.  I can't say I discouraged it.  I can't say I tried to stop it.  And I did marvel at the process....sad.....but it had to be done. 

There were peeps everywhere and they were taking over the food....literally.  Anyway....Happy Easter from the peeps...and me.


Jan said...

Liking the peeps you hang out with!

LeAnn said...

Ghost peeps in the microwave is a Halloween tradition for me. Glad to see another spin on the ritual.