17 April 2011

Far Out Farm

Ok....so yesterday was a road trip to see the Caulfields (Kim and Jane) at Far Out Farm.  It was muddy (we had boots), it was cold (we had jackets), it was wet (we had hoods) and none of it mattered because there were lambs...lots of them....everywhere.  I oldest I believe was 2 weeks new, but the first we saw where a day old.  Amazing.  These little guys pop out and get right up and around.  Sheep everywhere...the pastures full and babies, babies, babies.  Where there weren't babies, there were ewes ready to deliver. We walked and climbed, enjoyed the view, saw more babies....hung out with Fred (a very vocal little guy), looked at beautiful fleece and then visited the families some more.  We learned so much about lambs....breeding, feeding, ewes and their babies, rams, shearing and most of all, life on the farm with Cotswold, Romney and Shetland sheep.  The longer we visited the more their breed and individual personalities became evident.  As we walked up the hill we saw two more little ones who had more than likely come in the early morning.  They were new and would be collected (with their Mum's) later in the day and brought to the lawn for tagging and shots.  These people work so hard and love it....most of it.  What a formidable pair of women.  I feel like a weenie sitting at a desk all day.

The farm also houses beautiful Great Pyrenees....beautiful, gentle dogs that went everywhere we did and seemed to want to herd us.  I guess at times we did resemble a herds...a little. 

Side note:  There was one little guy who was having a little trouble the first day out so he got a sweater to keep warm.  Now this is an interesting sight....a little black lamb wearing a wool sweater.  Check out the picture below to the right....he's hanging with his Mum.

After a while, we were hungry and our hosts suggested the local eatery/corner store....Crossroads Market....for a burger.  Heard they were the best around....and that was certainly no lie.  Great burger!!!!!!!  Highly recommend it if you're traveling down Delina Road west of Fayetteville, TN.

So, day old lambs, fleece, a beautiful view, delicious burgers and most of all great company = a wonderful Saturday.

PS....I did manage to get a few more rows knit onto the mini mochi linen stitch scarf I've been dragging around for so long.

PSS.....Jan was on fire yesterday...just a few quotes....

"Last time I went to Monell's it was three Buddhist monks...and me."

"I think I pulled something"

Jan, "How do you plan who will mate with who?"
Jane, "We have several rams and also back up rams."
Jan, "You don't tell the back up rams they're back up....do you?"

You've sometimes heard me say, I'm too far south....two from yesterday.

Woman entering Crossroads commenting on the wind, "That wind'll turn you right side out."
Woman ordering at McDonald's, "swae tae and a pah."

There were shelters all over for the animals, but this one in particular caught our eye.  Hard to see, but there is a ewe inside....wonder what she's watching on DISH.

And finally, this is a 6 hour feeding for a couple of little ones whose Mum didn't make it.  They're lucky to have such a caring nanny.


Liana said...

Looks like a fabulous day and the lambs are just adorable.

dralusd said...

That was soooooo much fun. I grew up in a farming area, but not on a farm. It is humbling to realize just how much hard work and know-how goes into it.