09 April 2011


Ok.....seriously....this is ridiculous....87 degrees on April 9th.....  I'm hoping this weather is short lived....I really would like spring before we get to July and I'd like to open my windows for a little while rather than go from heat to air conditioning in one night.

So, today I visited a groovy new market in Nashville with a few pals...highly recommend Bangkok Market.  It's located off Armory Drive near 100 Oaks.  Great selection and prices, well laid out and stock store and cool staff.  If you like to cook with Asian foods, stop in and stock up.

Today was a spinning Saturday.  I know many of you have heard me talk about this, well....it was today.  We gather to spin, chat, munch......generally enjoy this craft together.  Today I started spinning a beautiful pink, gray and white merino wool/tencel blend....shimmery and soft.  Looking forward to see what it becomes.  Here are a couple handspuns from last week.....

I also learned that one of our spinners, Tara, is moving to Ireland with her family.  This is a amazing to me.  First, she's a cool chick and second....talk about really living life.  I admire this and wish her the best with the new alpacas and people in Shannon.

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