22 April 2011

Earth Day

Ok....so although today is Earth Day and we're supposed to treat the planet well and recycle and reuse and renew....I'm just saying....why just today?  Let's use today to jump start this business and take care of this beautiful place we live on.  So rather than me preach about how we should all do our part, recycle something...it's good for the planet and good for you.

Also please check out the Dine Out for Life event for Nashville Cares if you're in the Nashville area or most large cities across the US.  This is a great event where restaurants donate a percentage of what you spend to the fight against AIDS.  So Tuesday April 26, choose one of these restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner (each is different) and eat out.

Now that I have the PSA out of the way.....I've been remiss in telling you to run right out and read A Discovery or Witches, by Deborah E. Harkness.  " A Discovery of Witches is heady mix of history and magic, mythology and love, making for a luxurious, intoxicating, one-sitting read" - Daphne Durham.  I couldn't have said it better and couldn't put it down.  Reminded me of reading the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. 

So.....here is the latest wrap off the loom.  Made with a rayon warp and Noro King weft, it's soft, drapes beautifully and the size is perfect. 

I have a couple of other projects started or have at least been sketching them out in my mind, but it's way to early to speculate.  I can say that I have started the Featherweight Cardigan in Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere.....yum.  It's lace weight, so I'll be working on it for a bit, but who cares, it's luscious to work with.

I'm also, still working on the second linen stitch scarf with Mini Mochi this time.  Looks groovy.  How long have I been working on this?  How long have I dragged it out?  Anyway......

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i love you just so ya know