05 December 2012

The Island

Ok....so the remainder of my Thanksgiving week was spent with friends on Martha's Vineyard....  It was a lovely week of seafood, wine, the ocean, the beach and great friends... 
As always, I took many photos.  I have been spending time on this island for over 8 years and it's only so big, but I keep taking shots.  A friend asked me, while I was lining up a shot, why I keep taking pictures of the same thing.  Interesting....how many shots can you have of the same thing? 
Well, couple of answers....first, each time I shoot on the island, it's a different time of day, different time of year, different light, different weather....each time the shots come out different.  I never know what I will see through the lens and it amazes me each time. 
Second answer and more importantly, it's the memory.  Each visit there has been with different people or alone and I can look at each shot and remember who I was with and what we were talking about or if I was alone and what I was thinking.  These shots are my great memories. 

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