03 December 2012


Ok....I know it's been a bit since I've posted, but I have been out knitting and taking pictures, so here we go.

Before Thanksgiving, I met a friend in Providence, RI.  Now many of you know my affection for New England....so visiting this city for the first time was much anticipated and caused a lot of excitement in the household.  I have visited each town around Narragansett Bay and loved each one, but never managed to get into downtown Providence. 
Now I have been there and want more.  Our time there was very short, but we managed to drive through college row, through the financial district, through the arts district and into federal hill.  We stayed in the capitol area and yes....we got to little Italy. 
With beautiful weather, we were able to stroll the streets there, have lunch and visit the areas most famous Italian grocery.....so you know I was in Heaven. 
I was so happy to see restoration taking place downtown.  Rhode Island has been hit very hard in this economy, but perhaps there is a little hope for this beautiful area filled with gorgeous architecture and history. 

I know this girl will be returning to further explore this lovely area and need I say it....eat the amazing food.


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Liana said...

YUMMYYYY. Providence looks glorious!