10 July 2011


Ok....so I picked up some beautiful yarn while in Michigan at Elaine's Yarns (Araucania Aysen).  I chose it specifically for a Christmas gift.  Love the way it knit....I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Lovely merino, alpaca and silk.....very soft and fluffy.  Should keep a body warm in the cold winter.  Doesn't that sound inviting right now?

Yesterday was the second Saturday of the month, which means....yes, spinning.  The Nashville Spinsters met at Fifty Forward Knowles to spin away some group time.  It was a great session and we even had some new joiners and some people learning to drop spin....much fun.

And finally, the game is afoot.  Liana and I are knitting the Pie Wedge Shawl together.  We have both cast on.  I think we've both wanted to do this project for a bit, and finally, here we go.  Looking forward to it and actually using the yarn I intended for it instead of getting more.......Pagewood Farm Willow Creek (Hand Dyed Lace Weight Superwash Merino).  Stay tuned for the progress.

Everyone staying cool?  EEK!

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Katherine said...

Daniel's so big now! How wonderful he came by to make your day! And your latest shawl is gorgeous, Christina. Love you, you talented lady!