07 July 2011

A Little Cooking with my Fibre

Ok....so a little cooking this week.  Sometimes I'm in the mood, sometimes not so much....but this is a dish my Mum does for me, so I wanted to recreate it here, maybe just to remember.  But, as usual, it was good, but it was not hers.  This is just a saute of vegetables that was later baked with brown rice....yum.

Also, Liana brought strawberries over and now I have a strawberry problem and can't get enough.  Thank goodness she didn't bring ice cream. 

Finally, I've been spinning a bit and knitting a bit.  The green above is spiral plied with some bobbles thrown in....having fun with what I have learned.

I have actually started knitting socks (thin socks....eek)....with my own handspun sock yarn.  I love it!!  So far so good.  I've put a little pattern on the front of the sock to keep me occupied while I knit on size 1 needles.  Fun times for the feet.

And I have finished the Haruni shawl that I was knitting with Reyna.  I was a bad knit-a-long partner and finished early.  I had lot of time to knit while away.  This was knit with my handspun yarn, which was a joy and turned out beautiful.  Who would have thought I'd be knitting with my own yarn.  Amazing and wonderful.


Liana said...

Aren't the strawberries just delicious?? I CAN be an enabler. :-)
The Haruni is beautiful and I'm digging the socks with the handspun yarn. Gorgeoous!!!!!!!

Cydney said...

Absolutely beautiful Christina!!!