18 July 2011


Ok.....so Saturday I had a wonderful brunch, knit session and hummingbird experience with some fellow knitters. 

The late morning/early afternoon gathering was relaxing and filled with joy and laughter (and great food).....beautiful way to spend any day. 

I was amazed at the volume of hummingbirds that visit Vicky.  I have heard of the legendary flock (oh yes...a flock), but to see it was amazing and wonderful. 

I did not get near the photos I wanted and could have sat for hours longer watching and shooting, but here are a few.  

PS....check out the neck length on the birds....might make it easier for some to fight for the red plastic flower.   Enjoy!!!!

Pie Wedge Update - now that I have gotten over the stretched row that I wasn't crazy about, I'm clipping along again.  I have two wedges finished.

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Katherine said...

Unbelievable pics! Look at those little birds! Mom would love to see that.