27 November 2014

The Awe of Fall in New Hampshire

Ok....the last leg of my New England fall holiday was in New Hampshire....overflowing with colour, water, charm and friends.

PS....as many times as I have been up this close to the Canadians and all the signage about Moose, I have yet to see a Moose.  I'm just wondering where they are and what they're doing with them.  Bring on the Moose.


captainhook said...

I too say, bring on the moose! (Meese? Mooses? Just kidding, I know it's moose singular and plural. But don't they deserve another special word just for them?)

BJ Tuininga Fine Art said...

Makes me homesick...There is no where like New Hampshire in the Autumn!

Christina said...

It is beautiful there and all over New England in the fall.