19 February 2010

Michigan Blanket

Blanket measures 33" x 35".

850 yards of worsted/aran weight yarn  - blue
250 yards of worsted/aran weight yarn - gold
Note:  I used Caron Simply Soft - 3 blue and 1 gold.  Not all the yarn was used.

4.5 st per inch, 6 rows per inch

· Size 8/5.0 mm circular needle
· Stitch markers


Seed Stitch:
Row 1: *K1, P1; rep from * to end.
Row 2: *P1, K1; rep from * to end.

Stockinette Stitch:
Row 1: Knit
Row 2 Purl

STS: Stitches
CO: Cast on
BO: Bind off
K: Knit
P: Purl

NOTE:  The chart is written to have a blue border.  Since my background was blue, I did the entire chart in gold, even the sts marked as blue.

CO 120 sts.
·        Working in Seed Stitch, complete 10 rows. 
·        Next row:  Work 8 sts in seed stitch, place marker, K 104 sts, place marker, work last 8 sts in seed stitch. 
·        Work 78 rows in Stockinette Stitch, maintaining the seed stitch borders. (This pattern eliminates the name from the picture)
·        For the Michigan M:  Work 8 sts in see stitch, slip marker, K 30 sts in blue, place marker, K row 1 of chart with blue and gold, place marker, K29 sts in blue, slip marker, work 8 sts in seed stitch.
·        Continue with the chart until complete.
·        Work to within 2 inches of desired length, then work 10 rows of seed stitch.

PS.  Bear pattern from Berroco here.  The chart is an image...only way I could get it in here.  It is numbered left to right, but I work right to left.  Also, as stated above, note that the design is outlined if you want to do it on a different background.  Since I did it on a blue background, I just made the blue outline, gold also.  Copy and paste the chart into a word doc and you can make it as big as you'd like before printing.  This really helps me out.


KAC in Michigan said...

Love the pattern but I am totally confused by the chart. What does the third color (not gold or blue) mean? Also, is the chart worked left to right as printed or right to left as you do? Thanks for any help as I am not at all good at charts.

Christina said...

The chart shows shadow. So what may look like a grey is actually blue. And I work the chart right to left. The only way I can create it is the opposite. I know it's confusing. I usually just ignore the numbers when working a chart and follow the color. Because the blanket is blue, just do the yellow on the chart, no need to outline. In order to get the font correct for Michigan, I used the block M and it is outlined. Have fun knitting it up!

Jen said...

Hi! I'm using this pattern as a base for a blanket a friend is requesting with a large navy anchor and her last time. Question 1: would you recommend using intarsia, stranded colorwork, or duplicate stitch for the anchor? Question 2: Do you have a reference for the letters, or did you make them up yourself?

Thank you!! Jen

Christina said...

If it were me, I would do it fair isle like I did this one. I'm not one for duplicate stitch...when it's finished I like it to be finished. I used the actual school letters, then charted myself.

Natalie said...

Hi, I really want to knit this where can I find the chart for the name

Christina said...

Hi Natalie....I did not chart the name for the pattern since I thought no one would really use it. I'm so sorry.

Unknown said...
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Christina said...
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Christina said...


This is a free pattern. The author owes you nothing. Don't be rude.

Christina said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi Need a large M for Michigan blanket I made . your M chart how many stitches per square. what does this m measure. I want it big like the Michigan blanketsI have seen...`Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my comment