20 April 2012

This Week

Ok....two updates for this week....  First, I did a weaving lesson on Wednesday night at Haus of Yarn which went really well.  Now I do this from time to time, but this time I actually got a photo to post.  Elizabeth was nice enough to let me snap....

Second, a little miracle has been happening at my house.  Many of you know that I do ok with most plants...however, I have an issue with orchids.  Everyone keeps telling me how easy they are....and they appear that way at first glance....but I have never gotten repeat blooms. 
Several books and plans later, I now know what the trick is....nothing.....don't read about it (I'm a reader), give them a drink once in a while and that's it.  I do talk nice to it every day when I make coffee, but that's it. 
Who knew?  Wait....I think someone tried to tell me they were easy, but they didn't tell me to leave them alone.


captainhook said...

You're adorable.

Katherine Hall said...

Growing orchids scares me a little...wish I could tackle it. Would love to have them around the house. Your is beautiful!