27 May 2012


Ok...this is my attempt at hooking.....and not on Dort Hwy or Donelson Pike....  While Jan and I were perusing the Michigan Fiber Festival last year, we happened upon Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios and her booth full of beautiful hooked rugs and pillows and fabric. 
Now, we're not hookers, however, this pillow jumped out at us and right there, I bought the kit.  No idea what to do or how....but it was the true definition of an impulse purchase.  Kris was amazing and spent more time than she should have helping me out. 

Day two of the festival.....I have been stewing all night about a couple of other kits for pillows I saw and at breakfast informed Jan, that I had to have them.  That is the opposite of an impulse purchase.  It was a panic purchase.  What if I love this and want to make those pillows and can't get the kits anymore?  Panic.  Because you know, there will never be another kit again.
By the way, the first kit, the one of this post, did sell out the second day...but not before Jan snagged one too.

Anyway...it's now April/May and I am hooking the first pillow.  It is a bit of a learning curve for me and I don't think it's great, but I'm learning and loving it.  Here's to hooking and a new craft!


Abby said...

I LOVE IT!! So cute, and you did a great job!!

Liana said...

It's adorable and I think you've got a new hobby to get involved in.
You did a great job, as you always do!!

paulah said...

Your sheep looks beautiful. Love it!!

Nanette R. said...

Very cool! I think you did great!

Katherine Hall said...

"Ok...this is my attempt at hooking.....and not on Dort Hwy or Donelson Pike...."

Bah hah hah hah!!!

No seriously, you have accomplished yet another cool craft...so talented. And this creation is so cute!!

Cydney said...

You are so freaking funny! Love this post and the beautiful pics to go with it.