08 March 2014

Ombre' Cowl

Ok.....this is how it went....

Day 1 - So excited to pick out yarn for this cowl.  Have seen it on display in the shop many times and on people...now getting in on that action.  Pick out Berroco Folio...alpaca and rayon, very soft...beige, camel and apple green.  Come home, look at other projects...decide none of them was as exciting as starting a new project....started the Ombre' cowl.

Day 2 - Continued to knit on the cowl...stockinette stitch, easy...adding the first Ombre' combo...nice.

Day 3 - Knit more on the cowl, moved from the Ombre' section to the second colour only...a little too much of a stripe rather than a progression of colour, but might be ok.

Day 4 - Knit more...now into the second Ombre' colour.  Blending is ok, although now I'm thinking I should have put these in a different order...but again, the Ombre' section doesn't look too bad.

Day 5 - Have moved from the second Ombre' section to the final solid colour.  Again, big stripe...not what I see in the patter or remember seeing on others.  Hm...I bet this will look great all bunched up around my neck...yeah. Finished cowl...does not fit me right...seems too big....seems to not really drape or fold right...colours look too striped.  What is not right here?  What is off about this?  I can knit, right?  I can read a patter, right...after all it's just stockinette stitch?  Should I take a photo?  I hate this thing.

Day 6 - Frog Ombre' cowl.  Still love yarn.  Put yarn to rest....it's been a long week.

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captainhook said...

I hate it when that happens! Sometimes it just doesn't come out the way we planned....