03 April 2015


Ok.......so it begins....finally.  I have been eye-balling this pattern for quite some time, then one fine day in August I walk into Bliss and there it is made up and on display....well, "Try it on," Deb says....so I do.  It's one of those garments that fits everyone and looks good on everyone....how does that happen.  It's a traveling pants kind of thing.

 So the following evening I head in there to start on another sweater (still not finished) and one by one the gals around the table try it on...perfect every time.  Well how can you resist it then.  I knew I was going to purchase the yarn to make it....but it grew and grew until it was 6 of us making this sweater.  Most have not started theirs, but I just had to.  I know it will be even more fun when everyone gets going.  I'm enjoying the making of it now and loving the Queensland llama lace I'm working with.  Yes, I'm making a full size cardigan in lace....don't you love it?

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Brooke said...

Looks good cant wait to see it when its done :)