10 September 2012

My Little Man 3.5

Ok......once again I had the opportunity and absolute joy to visit/play with/be entertained by and answer questions for my little man.  We giggled and adventured, we snuggled and ran, we knitted and then we napped.  Perfect!!!!

I always enjoy my visits to Canada.  Of course the family part is the best, but I love being in Ontario....feels like home.....my people.  I often feel like I fit many places I visit, but Canada and Michigan, they're the old, worn, comfortable leather gloves I always feel have been broken in just right.

I'm working on some great mountain colors socks (ultimate travel project) and finishing up the Icelandic wrap I've been knitting and re-knitted for a month.  It may just make it.  I've also begun spinning a beautiful (aren't they all) llama roving partially natural brown and partially dyed.  I'm very excited with the resulting yarn.

One of the things that has changed for me in spinning is the planning.  When I first started spinning, everyone asked me what I was going to do with the yarn....I had no answers.  I was spinning just to spin...just for the learning.....just for the joy and the zen.  Now I spin for the learning, the joy, the zen and.....the project.  When I look at roving, I see the project I want to make.  I buy the roving to actually see something come of it.  And, I envision the wpi, the gauge, the pattern, the width, the length.....I see it evolve in my head as I spin.  I love this new addition to my process.  Where zen meets art....that's where I live.

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Katherine Hall said...

Wonderful pics and words for wonderful memories! We miss you, Kuma.