04 September 2012

Of the Lake

Ok....so Jan and I were able to get a day on beach and into Grand Haven, MI after all of our festivaling....  We had a gorgeous day for our little adventure. 
We walked the beach in the quiet morning.  Lunch at the Theatre Bar was yummy and outdoors, our stroll through C2C gallery was lovely as the owner/artist Cyndi Casemier.  Great story, stock broker who decided to go into ceramics and opened the shop to support Michigan artists and have a studio for her work.  Groovy place. 
We also ventured into several shops and finally Blueberry Haven.....yum.....  We picked up a few interesting treats loaded with blueberry flavor for our return home. 
 Side note:  we had so many experiences with our mapping devices....the ipad, the iphone and Bertie (my garmon gps)....we always found what we needed one way or another, but it was always an adventure following the bouncing blue dot. 
PS....we love the Starbucks app!!!!

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